Preparing for prosthetics

Price, UAH

Removing, cementing the crown 150
Cementing the pin 100
Imprint (silicone) 150
Imprint (alginate) 100
Treatment of one tooth under the crown 150
Installing Fiberglass Pin 250
Installing the Anchor Pin 200
Making Diagnostic Models 300
Making Capes (Soft or Hard) 500
Wax-up 400
Production of a transitional crown (with veneers) 400
Dental Tooth Processing 100

Removable prosthetics

Removable prosthetics

Price, UAH

Temporary Crown (Plastic) 800
The metal crown is stamped 1000
Metallic Full Crown Crown 1200
Ceramic Crown 1700
Zirconium dioxide bark 4200
E-max (veneer) crown 4200
Metal-ceramic implant crown 2600
Temporary implant crown 1000
Individual implant abutment (metal) 800
Individual implant abutment (zirconium dioxide) 2600
Intra-channel cast pin 800
Intra-channel cast pin collapsible type 900
Intra-channel zirconia pin 2100
Production of a provisional crown (for prosthetics with veneers) 400
Wax-up (modeling) 400
Production of diagnostic models 300

Removable prosthetics

Removable prosthetics

Price, UAH

Immediate Acrylic Denture – Butterfly 2000
Immediate Nylon Denture – Butterfly 3000
Partial removable denture (acrylic) 3500
Thermoplastic (nylon) partial denture 5000
Scalloped prosthesis (with strap lock) 5500
Removable denture (nylon) relocation 1500
Full removable denture (acrylic) 3500
Full removable denture (nylon) 5000
Scallop (castles) 6000
Removing the prosthesis (acrylic) 1500
Replacing the Matrix with a Prosthesis 800
Adding a tooth or clamp to a removable prosthesis 800
Removable denture repair 500
Prosthesis Adjustment 100
Making caps (soft and hard) 500

Dental prosthetics is one of the key areas of orthopedic dentistry. Dental prosthetics services from the clinic “Alex Dental” will allow you to quickly, painlessly and efficiently get rid of defects in teeth and dentitions resulting from injuries or dental diseases. Our experienced dentists will restore the integrity of the dentition and ensure their full functionality.

Dental prosthetics in Kiev in the clinic “Alex Dental” – a guarantee of reasonable cost and high-quality orthopedic treatment.

In the VI century BC, people already performed dental prosthetics.

Opportunities for dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics in the absence of teeth, we are not afraid of the word, opens up for the patient access to a new quality of life.

Modern dentures perform the following functions:

  • Restore the appearance of the patient’s face, eliminating aesthetic flaws;
  • Align the position of the jaws, helps to normalize the bite;
  • Improve the mobility of the jaws, restoring the masticatory and speech functions in full.

The innovative methods that are used today in orthopedic dentistry make dentures indistinguishable from natural teeth either in appearance or in sensation. Long-lasting and reliable orthodontic constructions, installed by experienced orthodontists, will restore the functions of the dentition, eliminate pain, improve well-being and restore self-confidence.

Up to 90% of chewing ability is restored by modern fixed prostheses.

Types of dental prosthetics used at Alex Dental clinics

In Kiev clinic “Alex Dental” patients are provided with a full range of services in such areas as:

  • Fixed prosthetics
  • Removable prosthetics;
  • Implant placement;
  • Installation of crowns and installation of bridges of various materials;
  • Micro prosthetics tabs;
  • Tooth restoration.

To restore the dentition, specialists of the clinics use the following types of dentures:

  • Clasp prostheses;
  • Dentures on attachments;
  • Splint prostheses;
  • Plate prostheses;
  • Nylon dentures;
  • Acrylic dentures;
  • Implant prosthetics;
  • Restorative prostheses.

Each of these options for dental prosthetics has its own advantages and indications for use. Not always the most expensive option is optimal, therefore, we recommend that you trust the doctor in choosing the prosthetics tactics. Appropriate qualifications and solid work experience allow you to return the functionality of the teeth and a beautiful smile even in the most difficult cases.

A clasp prosthesis restores chewing function by 70%, and only 30% – a removable plastic prosthesis that rests on the gums.

Indications for prosthetics

  • Pathological abrasion of teeth.
  • Partial loss of one or more teeth as a result of caries, injuries, periodontal diseases.
  • Significant destruction of dental crowns.
  • Adentia (complete loss or absence of teeth).
  • Tooth injuries, including damage to the upper and lower jaw.
  • Numerous defects in the dentition.

Contraindications to dental treatment

It is worth saying that there are no constant contraindications to prosthetics. Temporary contraindications to prosthetics are acute diseases of the whole organism or the oral cavity, including in the stage of recovery or rehabilitation; pregnancy; drug addiction; condition after radiation therapy and some others. After the preliminary treatment before prosthetics, the risks are significantly reduced and treatment can be carried out as efficiently as possible.

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