Prices for Orthodontist Services


Price, UAH

Installation of a metal bracket system / 1 jaw 7000
Installation of ceramic bracket system / 1 jaw 9000
Installation of sapphire bracket system / 1 jaw 14000
Self-ligating bracket system metal / 1 jaw 9000
Self-ligating bracket system ceramic / 1 jaw 11000
Orthodontic appliances From 3500
Orthodontic strut 2000
Installation of an orthodontic microimplant 1900
Production of diagnostic models / jaw 300

Installation, correction, removal of a bracket system

Price, UAH

Scheduled inspection and correction of the bracket system 200
Installing the retainer 1000
Cementing rings with installation 450
Installation of additional locks 350
Replacement of elastic ligatures 50
Replacement of a bracket (metal, ceramic) 200
Bracket replacement (self-ligating metal system) 400
Bracket replacement (self-ligating ceramic system) 600
Ligature splinting / jaw 350
Arc replacement 200
Installation of additional elements 350
Correction and activation of the self-ligating bracket system 1000
Brace removal – system / jaw 1500
Capa 1000
Gluing the retainer / tooth 200
Removal of retainers 800
Gluing braces 50
Bracket replacement 100
Orthodontic wax 100

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the dentoalveolar system belongs to such a section of dentistry as orthodontics. Modern technologies allow correcting the occlusion in adults in many cases even more effectively than in children. But quality orthodontic constructions are not all that is needed for success. It is equally important that the orthodontist who is treating is experienced and qualified. These are the doctors who work at the Alex Dental Clinic. In addition, the initial consultation of the orthodontist in our clinics is absolutely free.

According to Ukrainian and foreign researchers, cross bite occurs in 26% of cases of all dentofacial anomalies


As you know, malocclusion is a problem not only aesthetic, but also a medical plan. At a minimum, when biting the bite, it is very difficult to carry out normal hygiene procedures thoroughly. This can cause tooth decay and other dental problems. In addition, malocclusion can provoke disturbances in the respiratory system, impaired functionality, temporomandibular joint, problems with diction, and so on.
Thus, in order to avoid all this, it is recommended to undergo a course of orthodontic treatment in a timely manner.


The cleaning process for self-ligating systems takes about 8 minutes, and conventional braces take a couple of minutes longer

If you have problems with a bite, don’t worry, modern orthodontics will help you, Kiev can boast of a high-class dental clinic: “Alex Dental”, where the treatment of dentofacial anomalies will be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The possibilities of orthodontic dentistry

Orthodontic dentistry today offers various treatment options, including:

  • Correction of the bite with braces, including lingual;
  • Correction of the bite by installing dental plates;
  • Wearing orthodontic retrainers;
  • Using Trainers and Cap;
  • Surgical correction of occlusion.

Thus, orthodontic dentistry without the use of braces is in many cases quite possible. If the facial bones are fully formed, resort to the use of mouth guards and veneers. Almost always possible is the correction of the bite without tooth extraction. Only in rare cases, for example, if there is an open bite, treatment includes surgical intervention. However, even with an open bite, it is sometimes possible to get by wearing a bracket system.

The cleaning process for self-ligating systems takes about 8 minutes, and conventional braces take a couple of minutes longer

Stages of orthodontic treatment


Regardless of the treatment strategy chosen together with the doctor, it includes several stages:

  • Diagnostic;
  • Preparatory;
  • Main;
  • Retention.

First, the diagnosis is specified, after which the treatment method is selected and his plan is drawn up. At the preparatory stage, orthodontic constructions for correction of the bite are made individually and their fitting is performed.

During such receptions, correction of orthodontic appliances can be carried out, if there is such a need. Finally, the retention period is aimed at consolidating the results of treatment.

The price of treatment in each case is set individually and may depend on a number of factors, however, the approximate cost of orthodontic services can be found in the price list. In this case, the initial consultation of the dentist-orthodontist of the clinic is absolutely free.

The Chinese empress Wu Ji Ming wore the finest silver plates decorated with pearls on her teeth, called “Jia Mi” (literal translation: “Moon crown on the pearl hills”)

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