Prices for the services of implantation

General procedures

Price, UAH

Increase in bone tissue volume (1 g. Material + collagen membrane)
Sinus lift open
Sinus lift, closed
Installation of Bayers implant (Ukraine-Germany) 5500
Installation of the implant Vitaplant (Ukraine) 3700
Implant installation Straumann (Switzerland) 18000
Installation of the H-Dent implant (Israel) 6900
Installation of MegaGen AnyOne implant (Korea) 8900
Installation of MegaGen AnyRige implant (Korea) 12500
Former prosthetic bed for implant Bayers (Ukraine-Germany) 600
Former of the prosthetic bed for the implant MegaGen AnyOne (Korea) 900
Former of the prosthetic bed for the implant MegaGen AnyRige (Korea) 1300
Former of the prosthetic bed on the Straumann implant (Switzerland) 1800

Dental implantation in dentistry “Alex Dental”

Dental implants in Kiev are carried out in the clinic “Alex Dental”. It is an effective and painless procedure that will allow you to return a beautiful smile and ensure the integrity of the dentition. All implantology work is carried out by leading specialists of the clinic using the most modern equipment and materials.


Key Benefits of Dental Implantation

Dental implantation provides a truly new quality of life due to the mass of its advantages, among which the following should be noted separately:

  • Immediately noticeable aesthetic effect;
  • Complete restoration of chewing function;
  • Prevention of deformation of the maxillofacial system.

In the vast majority of cases, the installation of the implant is successful, the risk of possible complications is only 3%

With the loss of teeth as a result of their complete destruction, trauma, dental diseases or other reasons, bone tissue becomes thinner and decreases in volume, which negatively affects the functionality of the entire maxillofacial system. Unlike removable dentures and dental bridges, implants transfer the chewing load to the bone tissue and at the same time prevent its atrophy, do not change the occlusion, completely compensate for the chewing function and provide an aesthetic appearance of the dentition.

Turnkey dental implantation steps

In general, the process of dental implantation implies the installation of titanium stubble in the jaw bone, which is essentially a substitute for dental roots.

Subsequently, removable or fixed prostheses or crowns are attached to the titanium rod.

  • An examination of the condition of bone and dental tissue using x-ray diagnostics;
  • A treatment plan is being developed and the necessary orthopedic structures are being manufactured;
  • Work is underway on the rehabilitation of the oral cavity;
  • If necessary, a sinus lift procedure is performed;
  • An operation is performed during which the implant is directly installed;
  • Postoperative period.

After installing the artificial support, it should take from 3 to 6 months before the tooth is placed


A dental implant is a structure made of high-strength material, which is inserted directly into the upper or lower jaw through surgical procedures. Implants in comparison with other methods of tooth restoration have a number of advantages:

  • The ability to do without grinding and damage to adjacent teeth;
  • Creating a reliable additional support to prevent deformation of the maxillofacial system;
  • Fairly fast treatment process.

Dental implants are recommended by doctors in the following cases:

  • In the absence of one or more teeth in order to avoid curvature of the entire dentition;
  • With the loss of the last teeth in a row as an alternative to the complex procedure for installing the clasp prosthesis on the locks;
  • In the complete absence of teeth. The technology of dental implants today allows you to recreate a beautiful smile even with an absolute absence of teeth, which previously could only be done by installing removable dentures.

About half an hour is needed to install the implant. Engraftment period from 3 to 8 months

Thus, dental implantation is indicated for patients who have lost one or more teeth, regardless of the cause. In this case, implantation can be successfully performed in elderly patients in the absence of contraindications for this.
In any case, it is preferable to undergo a comprehensive examination, and the dentist should immediately examine the oral cavity to identify all inflammatory diseases and carious processes, if any. If such problems are identified, then to ensure the safety and quality of the implantation, dental treatment and oral sanitation are preliminarily carried out. Dental implantology in Kiev in the clinic “Alex Dental” implies a mandatory preliminary consultation.


As for contraindications to dental implants, doctors distinguish the following types:

  • Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • HIV infection, other immunodeficiency states, hepatitis C and B;
  • Some mental problems;
  • Blood coagulation disorders.

The minimum life of the implant is 10-12 years, but 85% of the implants retain functionality over 25 years

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