General procedures

Price, UAH

Curettage holes 150
Superimposition of stitches 200
Removal of stitches 100
Drainage (anesthesia, incision, drainage) 400
Root apex resection 1500
Tooth root extraction / 1 root 250
Removal of a single-rooted tooth 350
Removal of a multi-rooted tooth 700
Atypical tooth extraction 1000
Extraction of a wisdom tooth 800
Removal of atypical wisdom teeth 1500
Bone autopsy 1000
Collagen sponge 150
Lancing of an abscess (anesthesia, incision, drainage) 400
Alveolitis treatment 300
Pericoronitis treatment – excision 500
Treatment of pericoronaritis – dissection 200
Root amputation or hemisection 1500
Cystoectomy (bone removal) 1200
Vestibuloplasty 2000
Frenuloplasty 2000
Soft tissue autotransplantation and gingival recession closure 2500
Removal of exostoses 1500

Surgical dentistry is a very important branch of dentistry, the competence of which is the treatment of diseases of the teeth and oral cavity with surgical intervention. Most often, surgical dentistry methods are resorted to in case of diseases of an inflammatory and dystrophic nature, the appearance of neoplasms and traumatic injuries.

Surgical dentistry today is not only and not so much tooth extraction, but, on the contrary, operations aimed at preserving them:

  • Surgical dentistry methods are actively used to prepare the oral cavity for prosthetics or orthodontic treatment. For example, if it is necessary to preserve a part of a tooth as a bridge support, resort to hemisection.
  • In addition, within the framework of surgical dentistry, tooth cysts are removed, as well as the treatment of acute inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, primarily periodontitis and periostitis.
  • A separate area in surgical dentistry is plastic surgery of the frenum of the lips and tongue, as well as osteoplasty – patchwork using osteoplastic materials.

In 1890, rubber gloves began to be used in surgical dentistry for the first time, which significantly improved aseptic techniques during operations

In the Kiev clinic “Alex Dental” all the necessary manipulations are performed in the field of surgical dentistry, among which the following are most in demand:

  • removal of cysts and abscesses;
  • tooth preserving operations;
  • extraction of teeth, including retarded wisdom teeth;
  • surgical treatment of periodontal disease.

During surgical operations in the dental clinic “Alex Dental” anesthesia is used, which ensures their complete painlessness. Experienced anesthetists will select for each patient individually effective and completely safe methods of pain relief.


Using exclusively high-quality instruments for all manipulations will allow performing all surgical procedures as comfortable as possible for the patient and with the shortest recovery period after surgery.

Tooth extraction is the most common surgical operation in the world. In the practice of a dental surgeon, this intervention takes from 60 to 99% of the total workload

Preparation for surgical treatment in dentistry “Alex Dental”

Before any surgical operation is performed, the patient in the Kiev clinic “Alex Dental” must undergo a thorough comprehensive examination in order to eliminate contraindications to treatment and ensure its complete safety. So, a preliminary examination in surgical dentistry includes the following points:

  • interrogation of the patient, identification of complaints;
  • a history of concomitant diseases that may complicate treatment;
  • examination of the patient’s oral cavity;
  • X-ray and laboratory studies (blood test, cytological examination, histological examination, bacteriological examination).

Since, as mentioned above, any surgical intervention in dentistry requires prior anesthesia, it is very important to obtain the most complete information about the presence of contraindications (for example, an allergic reaction, cardiovascular disease) to the administration of a particular anesthetic.

Doctors of ancient Japan removed their teeth simply with their bare hands, previously loosening them with a wooden chisel and malleus

Surgical dentistry without pain and extra costs

Kiev clinic “Alex Dental” provide a full range of services in the field of surgical dentistry, which are available to everyone.

The clinic staff includes exclusively qualified specialists with extensive experience in their field, so we undertake even the most complex and unusual cases. In addition to the high professionalism of dental surgeons and anesthetists, effective treatment in such cases is guaranteed by the availability of modern technological equipment, as well as the use of certified medicines of the latest generation. At the same time, the prices for all services of surgical dentistry are among the lowest in the city. You can familiarize yourself with them in the price list of clinics.


Another important point on which the effectiveness of treatment in surgical dentistry depends is the timeliness of the patient’s request for help. Often, a visit to the dentist is delayed due to fear. As a result, the problem does not disappear, but only gets worse due to added complications. Therefore, we recommend seeking help when the first symptoms of dental diseases appear. In the clinic “Alex Dental” even such complex manipulations as, for example, removing a wisdom tooth or hemisection are carried out completely painlessly thanks to experienced doctors and high-quality pain relief.

The habit of smoking “one pack a day” can cost the loss of at least two teeth every ten years

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