Prices for Pediatric Dentistry Services

General procedures

Price, UAH

Application anesthesia 70
Temporary Tooth Filler – Surface / Medium / Deep Caries 250/300/350
Temporary Tooth Sealing with Photopolymer – Surface / Medium / Deep Caries 300/350/400
Tooth seal with photopolymer (colored material) – surface / medium / deep caries 350/400/450
Sealing of fissures 300
Impregnation with silver (1 unit) 50
Removal of milk tooth І ст |  ІІ ст

250 | 350

Sealing permanent teeth 200
Temporary root canal obturation (1 unit) 100
Constant root canal obturation 120
Medical instrumental treatment of root canals 100
Fluoridation (1 tooth) 25
Fluoridation / 1 jaw 300
Remineralizing therapy / 1 tooth 50
Removal of dental deposits complex in / w + n / w І ст |  ІІ ст

350 | 400

Removal of Air Flow dental wax / w / w / w / w І ст |  ІІ ст

150 | 300

Removal of dental deposits in / n + n / n І ст |  ІІ ст

150 | 300

Removal of dental deposits – 1 tooth 15
Psychological adaptation session (30 min) 100

Pediatric dentistry takes into account the peculiarities of the growing infant organism in the manifestations of the pathology of the dentition. Dental diseases in children occur differently than in adults. In this case, the pediatric dentist takes into account the relationship with the common diseases, processes of growth and development of the child. In this aspect, pediatric dentistry is inextricably linked to pediatrics.

Prevention of dental diseases in children should begin as early as pre-natal development. It should be remembered that during pregnancy with various changes in the body of the mother, the structure or shape of the organ may be disturbed. This also applies to the violation of the bookmarking of teeth and their mineralization in early childhood.

Caries prophylaxis should be started during pregnancy through a balanced, balanced diet of the mother.

In addition to caries, periodontal diseases are common in children, developing under the influence of external and internal factors. The causes of these diseases include various occlusion disorders, tooth abnormalities, poor oral hygiene, endocrine disorders, allergic reactions and childhood diseases. Therefore, the role of the pediatrician in the timely detection of these disorders is great.

The best method for the prevention of dental diseases is the medical examination of children at dentists. This allows you to recognize the pathological process early, quickly take measures to eliminate it and prevent possible complications.

The most important thing here is not to “scare the child with a dentist”.

Many parents develop negative motivation in children, frightening them with a trip to the dentist, and painful and unpleasant procedures if, for example, the child does not obey. He will take such a negative attitude towards the dentist with him in adulthood. This approach to the problem by parents is unacceptable.

The task of the children’s dentist and parents is to teach the child to follow the rules of hygiene.

The arsenal of modern pediatric dentistry has a number of techniques that allow you to quickly and painlessly diagnose and treat dental diseases in children. For example, a method of chemical treatment of carious cavities with a cariosolve preparation, which allows painlessly destroying the affected part of the tooth without using a drill.

But the most important factor in the prevention of dental diseases in a child is oral hygiene.

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